We select exclusively fresh meat coming from heavy Italian pigs, born, reared and butchered in Italy.

Our traditional workmanship, albeit using modern production technology, is based on the experience acquired by our highly qualified personnel which is of primary importance in some of the sensitive phases of the production cycle such as the manual deboning of the meat, the manual shaping of the “Pepita del Piave”, the manual tying of some salamis and, last but not least, the completely manual insertion of the fillet in the “Sopressa dei Colli Asolani con Filetto Intero”.

The drying and aging phases which are necessary for the maturation of our products are constantly monitored by a completely automatic system.

In any case it is important that the entire curing phase be followed by our personnel who with their experience are able to understand the ideal conditions to ensure an excellent product

SALUMIFICIO PIOVESAN s.r.l. Via Cal Lusent, 55 - 31040 Pederobba (TV) ITALIA - C.F./P. IVA/R.I. TV-BL 03006060267 - TEL. +39 0423 688718 -
Capitale Sociale Euro 50.000,00 i.v.

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