Salame dei Colli Asolani®

The Salame dei Colli Asolani®

(with or without garlic) is made

using the premium cuts of

Italian pork meat with addition

of sea salt and pepper.

The meat is processed within

24/36 hours of its butchering

to ensure greater softness.

The blend is stuffed into a

natural casing and tied using

string. It is then aged for 30 to

50 days depending on its size

in rooms that are ventilated by

the pure breezes descending

the Piave river valley.

It does not contain

milk by-products and

is gluten-free.

SALUMIFICIO PIOVESAN s.r.l. Via Cal Lusent, 55 - 31040 Pederobba (TV) ITALIA - C.F./P. IVA/R.I. TV-BL 03006060267 - TEL. +39 0423 688718 -
Capitale Sociale Euro 50.000,00 i.v.

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