About us

In the plant which is in conformity with the norms in force we bring together the most vanguard technology and the manual craftsmanship of qualified workers.

The objective is that of ensuring the maximum qualitative standard of our products. Particular attention is paid to the results and to customer satisfaction and we thus constantly check the quality of our products through very strict qualitative and
microbiological tests.

The value of tradition is of great importance for us and it guides us towards a passionate and constant search for improvement.

Our products which during the aging phase rest in rooms under controlled temperature and humidity conditions benefit from the purity of the air coming down from the Piave river valley which is used for the ventilation of the rooms.

SALUMIFICIO PIOVESAN s.r.l. Via Cal Lusent, 55 - 31040 Pederobba (TV) ITALIA - C.F./P. IVA/R.I. TV-BL 03006060267 - TEL. +39 0423 688718 -
Capitale Sociale Euro 50.000,00 i.v.

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